Insight Studio

Our site for your insight.

We offer premium room rentals including
state of the art audio and video recording,
personal catering as well as a variety of
connected research services.


Excellent recruitment is crucial to the research process. Our recruitment is coordinated internally and so is the quality control.

We cooperate with specialized recruitment teams that have been hand-picked and vetted by Insight Studio’s research team.

We do not back down from a challenging recruit and have experience in a multitude of B2B and B2C targets.

Regardless of whether you require a premium whisky lover, a heart surgeon, an IT decision-maker or a HNWI, our team provides the highest level of recruitment.

You can be certain that the individual sitting in the focus group or interview session has been carefully hand-picked and screened for your research.


Our motivated, friendly service team ensures that you feel completely at home.

For example, choose your favourite meal from 52 dishes on our menu and enjoy fresh fruit, cakes or snacks at any time during the day.

As an alternative to the a la carte meal, you can also choose a buffet with cold and warm dishes. It goes without saying that we take food intolerances and special diets into consideration.

Each customer room is equipped with a refrigerator, coffee specialities and smoothies are served fresh. And you may round off a successful project day with a glass of beer or wine at no extra charge.